Jeremy Scrivens

Work Futurist & Social Business Catalyst
Managing Director


As I watched progressive leaders embrace the potential of social technologies to grow business, I asked; ‘what can I contribute to helping leaders and Enterprises embrace the power of social?’

Thirty years of working with Enterprises, from SME’s employing 10 people to large corporates employing 1000s, I have come to understand that great companies, regardless of size, have high levels of happy, engaged workers; people who love their jobs and collaborate with others to do grow the business and do high quality work. I call these people, The Contributors or The Happy Ones.

Having a Contributor workforce, who are switched on and passionate about social as a positive force for good in your business is essential in the emerging new age of social business. It is also the glue that will bind an increasingly mobile and dispersed but connected and collaborative workforce and business; which we might call The Living Social Business or Community at Work Ecosystem.

But many of our current managers have not been taught to build a culture which engages people to contribute everything they have; their passions, talents, creativity and support for each other. The most engaged people at work are engaged from the heart; then the hands and head. Social business is about the heart first and this means equipping our leaders with new skills and tools to lead the new social enterprise which engages its people to achieve results from the heart.

You can’t direct people to engage in social from the heart; rather you build a compelling future story with your people, one which is meaningful and draws your ‘Living Ecosystem’ to become engaged with their very being. You work with them to build a Positive Social Culture to enjoy the journey, to collaborate and to be safe; and you support them with state of the art social technologies and analytics to track your social journey.

This is the space I play in now with my colleagues at the The Emotional Economy at Work, Kinship Group and Murmuration and my partners in the Abunderati Community. I am involved in designing Social Business Cultures to assist clients to capitalise on the incredible new social technologies and global opportunities available for collaboration, business growth, sustainability and meaning. I am also enjoying being a global player on Social Media and the experience of connecting and collaborating with some wonderful people, I would not have otherwise have met in a previous age.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you in your business setting, on New Media or as a member of the Abunderati Community.

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