We collaborate to help you to build & sustain your social business. At the Emotional Economy at Work we believe in practising what we preach; we believe in partnering and collaborating with people who believe what we believe about our world and what’s possible by building social business for social good.

We know that combining the best know how and strengths of our partners with ours and others, we can deliver social business solutions for our clients which are effective and business holistic, deploying the best thinking and practice available today around social technologies, engagement, culture, strategy, innovation, collaboration, social business big data analytics, risk, safety and governance.

We partner with:


The best virtual Executive Assistants, Daily Social Media Management & Office Support available in Australia – Sarah Brewer and the Brewer Administration Services Team @BrewerVAService


Sarah Brewer is a professional Virtual Assistant and Social Media expert. For over 12 years Sarah has worked with tier 1 Executives, SME Business Owners and corporate professionals both within an employment or client relationship. Her style is warming and inviting and makes all businesses feel at ease with their decision to enlist the services of Brewer Administration for their Virtual Assistant or Social Media needs. Sarah spends time getting to know her clients and becomes a part of their team. With advanced knowledge of LinkedIn and other platforms Sarah will ensure that her work sees your businesses thrive through her passion of social media and network building. Her diary management and appointment coordination skills see even the busiest of professional’s cool, calm and most of all organised.  www.breweradmin.com.au



The best social business thinkers, designers and consultants – Mike Green & The Kinship Team  www.kinshipenterprise.com

Working with KINSHIP enterprise is a supportive experience.

Kinship is all about the affinity between people – the connection and relationship that two or more people share. KINSHIP enterprise is a social business consultancy that believes every organisation has the potential to become a true social business –a business that empowers its people to achieve and innovate through collaboration.

Our vision is to lead our clients on the social business journey to help them realise the business benefits associated with social business. That’s why we offer a transparent and supportive environment that helps you retain control and visibility of all initiatives.

Our proprietary frameworks help us create a roadmap for your initiative, while our extensive project management capability ensures we deliver projects in a methodical, effective manner.

What’s more, we partner with industry-leading technology and intelligence organisations to consistently fulfil the benefits of a social business.



The best Social Digital Command Centre in the World to manage your social business, big data analysis & governance – Rose  Buendia & The Kinship Social Command Centre Team http://www.kinshipdigital.com

In an age of instant gratification, customers want to know you’re listening –and that you have an answer. Social Media delivers ROI but to achieve that ROI Social Media must be aligned to business priorities and integrated from a platform, process and people perspective.

Executives understand process, platforms, architecture, repeatability and ROI in their business. Clearly what was lacking in the market from our perspective was a supportive partner to take executives on the journey of Social Media Maturity in supporting business outcomes.

It is for this reason KINSHIP digital invested into what we believe at the time to be the first purpose built Social Media Command Center in Asia Pacific & Japan. Through this Command Center, our clients, including Government departments and companies of various sizes listen to and engage with their market in social channels where they (the market) are active, to achieve business goals. Some examples may include marketing engagement, customer care, risk management [crisis management / ORM], or operational efficiency of coordination and contact center deflection.

Today we at KINSHIP digital support numerous global clients and numerous use cases from our facility in the Philippines, complemented by our Australian based expertise and capability.


The best natural strengths behavioural profiling systems for building authentic group relationships and collaboration  – Malcolm Le Lievre & The DNA Behaviour Team  http://www.dnabehavior.com

Business DNA® is a proprietary solution designed to holistically and reliably discover the behavioral talents and communication styles of leaders, employees and customers or clients and then develop how they are performing for improving Business Performance.

The outcome is that the leaders of the business will be able to improve the engagement of their employees, clients and customers through knowing what motivates them and thereby being able to provide customized life-long experiences on a scalable basis.

(Note: The Emotional Economy at Work is licensed and accredited to coach and deliver DNA Behaviour Profiles)


The best large group business collaborative & innovation process in the world today – Appreciative Inquiry or AI  – David Cooperrider & The Global AI Practitioners Community http://www.taosinstitute.net/appreciative-inquiry

In the years since the original theory and vision for “Appreciative Inquiry Into Organizational Life” was articulated by two professors at the Weatherhead School of Management (see David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva, 1987) there have been literally hundreds of people involved in co-creating new concepts and practices for doing AI, and for bringing the spirit and methodology of AI into organizations all over the world.

Commenting on her assessment of AI’s uniqueness, a senior executive at one company recently said: “I know what AI is about… it is about creating a positive revolution in change”. And in words that echo the same thing, University of Michigan Professor Robert Quinn, in his acclaimed book Change the World writes: “Appreciative Inquiry is currently revolutionizing the field of organizational development”.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqdGzgeMdJ0

(Note: The Emotional Economy at Work is a leader in the use of AI in Australia; having deployed this positive approach to change in over 50 enterprises from SME’s as small as 10 people to enterprises with over 20,000 people. We collaborate with other AI practitioners to collaborate and learn from each other)