Social is the new way of doing business and with our help, your organisation can build a sustainable social business.

Many business leaders are just ‘doing’ social media because it’s the new thing; but we live in an exciting time when Enterprises can engage their people to collaborate and innovate for social good; by intentionally building a Positive Social Business Culture to underpin their investment in state of the art Social Business technologies, frameworks and business analytics, such as those offered by our colleagues at the Kinship Group.

Our colleague, Mike Green at The Kinship Group says that today’s CEO’s want to spend more time engaging with customers, potential customers, potential partners, employees and potential employees. They want ideas, improvements, insights and profits.

At the Emotional Economy at Work, our speciality is to help you build a winning Positive Social Business Culture, to optimise the potential of Social to grow your business by creating an alignment of engaged people and strengths, making the weaknesses in your business irrelevant.

We partner with colleagues to ensure that you have access to the best Social Business management technologies, tools, risk governance and governance frameworks available today. But it is not only about having access to the best social technologies and tools, it is about putting in place a winning Positive Social Business Culture which engages your people and customers to feel ownership and commitment to your Brand because their personal brands and success are connected with yours in ways that lead to emotional engagement, happiness and a desire to engage with your future.

A Positive Social Business Culture is engages the full potential of your global talent pool, both inside and outside your company, to collaborate, share and co-create new forms of business or enterprise value which are also good for society and therefore sustainable; what progressive business leaders call  social good.

Social technologies provide an Enterprise with the means to collaborate – the technical how – but a Positive Social Business Culture provides the why,  our purpose, mission and reason for working and collaborating – our compelling future story of creating social good in our world; making a difference together; results and outcomes.

Culture also includes who we are as a company and as individuals – our unique strengths, what we do better than anyone else, our beliefs, values and ideas about how the world works. Social Business Enterprises are clear who they are and they work to discover and extend their strengths to create new values and positive stories and it is not only enterprises that have strengths, individuals are different and, in social business, every individual is connected and collaborating to their strengths.

Culture also includes the how of work but it is the strategic how

  • What will be our social business strategy?
  • How will we do social business to extend our strengths to make more of an impact?
  • What will be the behaviours and standards by which we will communicate and collaborate?
  • How will we lead our social business?
  • How will we be well and safe together – standards and governance?
  • How will we organise for social?
  • How will we tell and share our positive stories?




Culture can be defined as ‘the way we do things around here.’ At The Emotional Economy at Work, we work with businesses and organisations to build and sustain the 6 Key Elements of your unique Positive Social Business Culture


  1. Social Business Strategy – extending the best of what we do by engaging in the new social world
  2. Social Business Engagement engaging your people to be happy
  3. Social Business Collaboration – building authentic, trusting social relationships between people
  4. Social Business Innovation – engaging our global talent & ecosystem to innovate for social good
  5. Kind Social Leadership – leading and nurturing a Culture of Kindness at the heart of business
  6. Lean Social Business  –  extending the best in our social processes to experience social flow