Engaging your people to be happy

Introduction:  Successful social businesses, regardless of size, have one big thing in common; they all have high levels of engaged or happy staff members. These are people who love their jobs, collaborate kindly with others to grow the business and are exceptional performers for their customers and the business. We call these people The Contributors or The Happy Ones.

Having a Contributing, Happy workforce, who are switched on and passionate about social as a positive force for good in your business, is essential in the emerging new age of social business. It is also the glue that will bind an increasingly mobile and dispersed but connected and collaborative workforce and business; which is now being called an ‘ecosystem’ or ‘social ecosystem’.


Social Business Engagement


Designing Your Happy Social Business Culture

At the Emotional Economy at Work, we will work with you to discover, extend and codify the elements in your business which will enable you to have a happy, engaged workforce and a leadership team who understands happiness at work in the social age and how to lead a social business to experience even more happiness.


We deploy the world’s best Social Business Culture Design process, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), to help you build your workforce happiness culture. Many Enterprises, non-profit, social service and government entities ARE using the AI Growth Summit process to engage their internal and external stakeholders – their ecosystem – to co-create their own social culture for their unique world.

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AI focuses on identifying best practices, achievements and successes i.e. the Enterprise’s strengths when engagement & happiness is done well and then looks to ask – what is possible if we applied these strengths to new opportunities, such as social media, in order to experience more engagement and grow the business?


We will facilitate your own Social Engagement Summit to:


  • What are the topics around engagement and happiness that your people want to talk about?
  • What is in place when your people feel that they are happy, productive and contributing at work?
  • What would your people like to see in place in your business to engage them even more engaged and happy?

Dream (Envision)

  • What could our future world look like if we had the happiest workforce imaginable?
  • What are the best external stories and models of happiness at work?
  • What might we become if we harnessed the power of social media to extend and sustain our happiness culture?


  • What is Our Compelling Future Social Business Story fueled by a happy and engaged workforce?
  • What will be our Happiness Code by which we will be well and do well together?


  • What new ways of doing social business will we innovate by extending happiness?
    • What will be the specific social and digital platforms and practices we will deploy?
    • What are the Critical Success Factors to enable the successful implementation of our Happy Social Business Culture?