Extending the best of what we do by engaging in the new social world


Introduction: A Social Business Strategy is not about social media or technology per se; it is about a bigger idea; about your business, about the vision, purpose and mission that defines who you are and what you do at your best and how to extend this best to create more value and more good.

Strategy is about shaping your future story; by building on the best of your story to date. The future story is so compelling that it engages your people and stakeholders to take the journey with you and it draws more people and opportunities into your business. Strategy is about the key steps that you will take to make Your Future story a reality and what you need to put in place to make this happen.


Creating your own social business strategy


Strategy is enabled by Social by asking what is possible if we used social media and social collaboration platforms to engage more of our world in experiencing Our Future Story;  what are the opportunities and how might / will this work?

We deploy the world’s best strategic planning process, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), to help you build your Social Business Strategy. Many Enterprises, non-profit, social service and government entities ARE using the AI Growth Summit process to engage their internal and external stakeholders – their ecosystem – to co-create their own Social Business Strategy for their unique world.

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AI focuses on identifying best practices, achievements and successes i.e. the Enterprise’s strengths and then looks to ask what is possible if we applied these strengths to new opportunities, such as social media and connecting global talent for social production, in order to adapt and grow?


We will facilitate your own AI Social Business Strategy Summit to:


  • The best of what we deliver and contribute as an Enterprise to date
  • The best of how we do collaboration and social business

Dream (Envision)

  • Where and how is social media making a powerful contribution to business and what are the possibilities for us?
  • What might we become if we harnessed our Enterprise strengths to the power of social media?


  • What is Our Compelling Future Social Business Story?
  • What will be our future strategic social business contribution – Big Hairy Audacious Goals?


  • What new ways of doing social business will we innovate, including service models?
    • What will be the specific social technologies to enable us to deliver productive collaboration?
    • What are the Critical Success Factors to enable the successful implementation of Our Social Business Strategy & Practice?