Building a Positive Culture is the Key to Social Business


“I enjoyed Jeremy Scrivens discussion on Appreciative Enquiry from KINSHIP enterprise. I believe it harnessed some good old-fashioned and proven principles of human relationships with a contemporary and clearly effective model for the future. If you’re a leader or manager of a business who wants to harness the passion and skills of your people I’d recommend you hear what he has to say.” Duncan Wakes-Miller, CEO Core

“I’d just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Appreciative Enquiry lunch that I attended. Not only was the guest speaker Jeremy Scrivens brilliant, entertaining and thought provoking, but the calibre of people that surrounded me at the lunch made this even more enjoyable. Oh, and did I mention the awesome food & wine? Simply couldn’t top that for a business lunch. I would highly recommend any future events like this one to anyone.” Lynton Manuel, CoverMore

“The Appreciative Inquiry event was both insightful and thought provoking. Jeremy was engaging and the KINSHIP team’s case studies discussed throughout the event were instrumental in highlighting the critical steps for success in pursuing this approach.” Charles Weiser,