Leading and nurturing a Culture of Kindness at the heart of business


Each day, more people are unhappy at work. Gallup research shows that only 13% of the workforce is happy at work world-wide. The happiest people at work are productive, collaborative, creative, support their colleagues and embrace change. We call these workers The Contributors or The Happy Ones and they at the heart of a great social business.

Kind Social Leadership

A Happy workforce just doesn’t happen; it is nurtured and sustained in a positive, kind Enterprise culture.  The happiest people work for kind leaders who encourage them to engage in Random Acts of Kindness at work. http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/kindness_makes_you_happy_and_happiness_makes_you_kind


These acts of kindness called RAOK are one of the hottest topics in business globally. Kindness is good for business, especially with the advent of social media which is sharing stories of kindness in business globally.   http://thirdeyemanagement.com/trend-spotting-january-2011.html





We live in an age when it is supposed to be all about me and my success, yet the new generation of young people at work GEN G (Generosity & Global) go to work for leaders who create a Culture of Kindness. They want to be to be involved and collaborating from the heart around something bigger than them and they want to give and be kind to others. http://trendwatching.com/trends/generationg




A Culture of Kindness in business produces outstanding results, stimulates innovation, improves quality, lowers staff turnover and improves customer retention and Enterprise goals. Tom Peters, one of the most influential management thinkers in business, reveals that one of the key capabilities in today’s winning Enterprises is the presence of a strong Culture of Kindness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIvZSAEnAuc


What if we moved beyond RAOK to a Culture of Kindness in social business, what’s possible?

Social Business Leaders develop a Culture of Kindness which they co-create and nurture with their people. They go beyond RAOK to developing a Culture of Kindness to ensure that benefits of being kind, such as staff happiness and customer engagement, supported by social media, become the new way of doing social business.


We can help you to build & nurture your Enterprise Culture of Kindness

At the Emotional Economy at Work, and in collaboration with our colleagues at Murmuration and Kinship Group, we can coach your Executive and management teams on how to build and sustain a Culture of Kindness to underpin your unique social business, in your setting.

We say quietly and humbly but with conviction that our Signature Culture of Kindness Workshops are at the cutting edge of social business cultural leadership in the world. In our workshops, participants will explore and gain an understanding of

  •  The growing  business interest in RAOK, leveraged by social media,
  •  The link between kindness and a happy, contributing workforce, including Gen G,
  •  How a Positive Culture is at the heart of a collaborating, innovating social enterprise,
  •  How to deploy Appreciative Inquiry to build a Culture of Kindness in their Enterprise,
  •  How Kind Leaders engage their people to flow from their natural strengths,
  •  How kind Leaders map and extend kindness in their core  processes to engage customers,
  •  How to capitalise on a Culture of Kindness to grow the business through social media.

Participants will walk through actual case studies where Cultures of Kindness have been pioneered in business, including one business which experienced the best ROI return in their industry and a local government team which went from crisis to recognition for innovation by their peers.