Setting up for collaboration by building authentic, trusting social relationships between people


Social Business Collaboration


Social Collaboration is at the heart of a highly engaging, innovative, safe and rewarding social business and work experience.  But Social is not about the new digital technologies it is about people connecting together to share information, listen to stories, create together and disrupt, change and remake our world for social good. This requires a Social Business to build high trust, authentic and personal relationships between members where individuals get be who they are.

Building a Positive Culture is the Key to Social Business


Taking the Time to Build Authentic Relationships from Who We Are

At the heart of social collaboration is conversation between people and people are different.

Different people have different beliefs about how they see the world and about what is important; for example half the population is naturally wired around relationships and the other half around results. Some people connect to stories whilst others to statistics. Some people are wired around innovation, yet others want to keep using what they know; these are the continuous improvers; not the innovators. Some people want open and frank dialogue; yet others want diplomacy and tact and don’t want to speak up. Some people have a need to take risks, others are safety first.


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All these differences are important in how people will respond to a call for collaboration or the use of open sharing platforms. Gallup research shows that the happiest, most engaged people are working to their natural strengths for most of the time and work for leaders who take the time to build social trust between people by appreciating and aligning the differences in individuals.

You can’t just expect people to collaborate because you buy some digital software or set a social strategy. Collaboration is about taking the time to build trusting, collaborative personal and authentic relationships to take the social journey together and a code of social behaviours to live by

Social business leaders understand this and they take the time to identify and align individual strengths to develop great communication on the social journey.




We facilitate Your Team to Build Authentic Social Collaboration:

  • Set up your group members to take the world’s most advanced natural strengths finder – Business DNA Behaviour http://www.dnabehavior.com/
  • We coach group members on their natural talents profile; exploring signature strengths
  • We facilitate an Authentic Building Our Authentic Collaboration Code Workshop in which members will share their natural talents profiles with each other, discuss how to release the very best of each other’s signature strengths through social business and to build a shared Collaborative Code which will underpin how we collaborate and experience great relationships and results


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